About Us - The Book & Beer Club Story

 We love great books, and we love great beer

Our vision is simple. We want to establish a community that bond over mutual interests. We’d like to do that in the best way we know how, by sitting down with some great beer, a captivating book and having a chat about both afterwards.

To help people share our vision we’ve established a club which will operate as a subscription service to deliver a brand-new book from a best-selling author and great, fresh craft beers to your door every month.

Through our interactive social media, blogs and in-person events (at a taproom of course!) we'll develop a community that review, recommend and share, allowing all members to keep discovering, and enjoying books and beer. 

If you'd like to be part of this journey, or if you'd just like to relax with a good book and some top-quality beers, join the club!